An Inanimae is Krofted when his anchor has been changed and shaped by human ingenuity.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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If one of the Inanimae survives the potential destruction and reshaping of their Anchor (not a given, unfortunately) their life is completely changed. The Inanimae generally have a much deeper, primal nature than do their Kithain cousins and the act of Krofting makes them lose some of that: they become more like Changelings and more like mortal dreamers.

After the War of Making, the Krofted, who had beforehand been the minority in Inanimae society, found themselves the majority party, as it were; shifting the balance of power in each of the empires. However, the Sundering put all of the Inanimae into the extended Slumber of the Somnolence before those power structures could be strengthened. With the re-awakening of the Inanimae, even more have found themselves Krofted during the Somnolence. Others Gladelings were destroyed outright.

Nature[edit | edit source]

Most of the Krofted resent the attitudes of the Gladelings, who often feel themselves the upper-crust of Inanimae society or at least a purer breed, and can take different opinions on matters for this reason. The Krofted also are more open to interactions with the Waking world and their Kinain cousins than their Gladeling siblings who tend to prefer hiding as their thought processes have become a little more modern by the Krofting. They also seem to have an easier time making Husks as they have experienced shaping themselves.

The Krofted are more likely to find allies; occasionally even among the Kithain, to guard their anchors and then go adventuring.

Secret Societies[edit | edit source]

  • The Brotherhood of the Hand - A group of Inanimae, of both the Glade and the Kroft, who seek to heal the rifts between their two courts.
  • The Empire of the Machine - Supposedly a group of Krofted Fae who became obsessed with human artifacts and devices and seek to Anchor with them.

References[edit | edit source]

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