Kotoyesi is the Kithain ruler of the Kingdom of Ife and the greatest living Eshu on Earth. It is he who, through his Ifa, saw the disappearance of High King David Ardry and tried to warn the Kingdom of Concordia, too no avail.

A King Is Lost Edit

This is the saddest of tales. Across the sea, an ifa to Kotoyesi, ruler of the Kingdom of Ife and the greatest living oba , had a vision in which the High King disappeared in a cloud of blackness and the kingdom of Concordia was pitched into chaos, spreading a blood-red stain across the world. As the kingdoms fell to steel and fire, a wolf bearing the moon in its jaws dropped from the sky and bounded across the world. Where its paws touched the earth became cracked and frozen, as if in the grip of a terrible frost. A dark star burst to life in the heavens, and then there was silence like the grip of death surrounding all things under the sky. Kotoyesi immediately dispatched Hazir and Akuko , his swiftest runners, along the fastest trods he knew, all the while trying to contact the High King through modem means, but it was to no avail. Hazir and Akuko were lost without a trace somewhere along the great trods that cross the sea, and Kotoyesi's attempts to raise the royal palace at Tara-Nar , or indeed anywhere else in Concordia, were greeted with a maddening elec­trical silence. By the time the connection was reestab­lished, it was too late —David was missing, and Concordia was in an uproar.

References Edit

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