Kothar is a Nosferatu who dwells in the Valley of Hinnom near Jerusalem – also known under in its grecized name Gehenna.


Originally a traveling craftsman named after a Canaanite god, Kothar contracted leprosy and was banished into the Valley of Hinnom. He accepted his banishment with dignity, believing in a higher purpose. Teaching his craft to the lepers, Kothar became the figurehead of their small community.

A short time after the Jewish conquest of Israel, Kothar was visited by a wandering preacher, a leper like himself. The leper told him that he bore the mark of God's curse upon the first murderer and that lepers were His chosen, suffering for the sins of the world until a new world would arise from the fires of Hinnom. Kothar became his disciple and was eventually rewarded with the Embrace. After that, the preacher left.

Kothar continued to whisper God's word to the lepers under his care. Carefully grooming a network of childer that stretched from Rome to Delhi, the Nosferatu gathered information about important Cainites that he deemed to be useful on Judgement Day. Kothar himself believed with absolute conviction in the coming of the apocalypse, but maintained the Jewish faith of his sire. He left Hinnom only on rare occasions, mainly to punish those that had preyed on those in his care and his own childer when they had feed too often.

When the Black Death reached the Middle East, Kothar fell into torpor from which he has not awakened since. A small group of his childer care for him, fearful of the day he will awaken and slake his thirst on one of them.


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