Korea is a peninsula located on the border of China, close to Japan. Since 1945 it has been divided into two states, North Korea and South Korea.

Kindred of the East Edit

The Kuei-Jin of Korea are fiercely independent and resent any meddling by outsiders, whether it be the Quincunx or Cainites. Formerly part of the Azure Dragon Court, Korea is now ruled by the Green Courts, named for the country's natural abundance of jade. By playing the Japanese and Chinese kuei-jin off against each other, the Green Courts are free to focus on local problems, such as relations with the hengeyokai. [1]

Mage: The Ascension Edit

While Korea is part of the Akashic Brotherhood's sphere of influence, its famous leader King Sejong is often suspected of being at least sympathetic to the Order of Reason, if not an Artificer himself. He limited Akashic influence on his kingdom by banning Buddhist monks from the capital, and invented Korean's unique alphabet, hangul.

References Edit

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