Kokopell Mana is the Nosferatu Primogen of San Francisco


Not much is known about Kokopell Mana's mortal life, but judging from her demeanor and even her name (the same as the consort of Kokopelli), she was once a member of the Hopi tribe. Her exact age is unknown, but she appeared first in 1911, claiming a much older heritage. Believing herself to be a kachina, she wandered around North America for a long time in isolation, not knowing of her sire or even her clan. When she learned that her people had dispersed and the other kachina now resided in the sacred mountain near San Francisco, she moved there, insinuating herself among the local clans, despite being confused with much of the modern world and its achievements.

When the Kuei-jin invaded California, she fought side by side with other vampires against the intruders, allying with the Camarilla. She is now the Primogen of her clan in the city and plans a counter-strike against the Asian invaders.

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