Knox, full name Knox Harrington, is a ghoul from Santa Monica (affectionately refered to as the "golden ghoul" by childer of Malkav). Knoxx's master is Bertram Tung, a powerful Nosferatu who hides in an old oil tank (down the street from the Asylum, outside the Sunco Gasoline facility). He will immediately identify the player character as a Kindred, and explains what a ghoul is. 

Game notes


  • The Asian vampire

Knox complains of an Asian vampire dude pokin' around Santa Monica. Harrington calls this night specter a scary-ass-Asian-dude-that-can-probably-kick-my-ass. Knox informers the player of his spying on this life-eater and later says "this wise to me. Now instead of me watchin' him, he's watchin' me, you know." The "Asian vampire" toys with Knox by watching him from a distance, reappearing next to him and then disappearing entirely. The Golden ghouls Asian vampire turns out to be a Cathayan. He can be found in the warehouse of Foxy Boxes. It is highly speculated the Cathayan life-eater murdered Virgil Crumb. Incriminating evidence such Virgil Crumbs' license being found in his previous place employement.


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