The Knights of the Way are a society of wandering, adventurous Trolls.

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Rory and Moira
This is a warrior society, inspired by the legends and deeds of Red Rory and Moira the Mountain. In essence, trolls who join this society vow to patrol Concordia, rescuing travelers and making all ways safe for the Dreaming. Though no small number are true knights, all members call themselves Rovers to avoid stepping on sensitive noble toes. In the times of relative peace since the ascension of High King David, the Knights offer a welcome release valve for adventuresome trolls who wish to make a name for themselves. Popular among the wilders of both Courts, the major difference is in the definition of 'safety' and 'the Dreaming.' Seelie tend to see any act of injustice as an opportunity to gain fame and accomplish good deeds, and to include most humans and some Prodigals as members of the Dreaming. Unseelie Rovers, however, are more lenient on their definition of safety, and will often overlook minor dangers, gangs that let them pass, or obstacles that offer little chance for personal glory. It should come as no surprise that they usually exclude humans and Prodigals from their definition of the Dreaming, as well as certain fae. Rovers of both courts, however, will engage marauding chimera without a moment's hesitation.

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