The Knights of the Red Branch are a society of Changeling Knights who can trace their foundation all the way back to the Mythic Age.

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Red Branch

Of all the knights in faerie history, none compare to the Red Branch Knights. Tracing its founding to the Time of Legends, the Red Branch is justly known for its bravery, honor and fighting prowess and is respected by noble and commoner alike for its pursuit of justice for all Kithain. The knights are oathbound to each other and move as one in all matters. Many of the Red Branch are employed as private guards by the High King and carry out these duties in exemplary fashion. They are known to have their own strict moral code, however, which they follow above all other concerns. When the High King of antiquity, Falchion, became oathbroken, the Red Branch abandoned him to his fate.

Red Branch knights rank among the best fighters of the Kithain, Although they still normally use archaic weapons, they are also trained in the use of firearms. They are mostly (but not only) sidhe Traditionalists. The qualifications to join are to be proved in battle and virtue. Some commoners have been knighted on the spot for rendering good service to the Branch (though this is rare). Red Branch knights are required to aid those in true need (even humans and Gallain), to fight honorably, and to spare those who surrender. No knight of this order is ever known to have broken his word. The Knights of the Red Branch have no common uniform, but most wear predominantly red.

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Our loyalty extends beyond the cramped bounds of the houses, a fact that many sidhe have difficulty accepting. We cannot be loyal as an order to all of fae society and to a house simultaneously. The Gwydion, my own house, are closest to understanding this. However, I cannot fault them for remains first and foremost true to the house; the legacy of heroism we inherit is something we should be well proud of. It's part of what has brought me here today.

War in Concordia Edit

After the disappearance of the High King, the Branch divides in its support and loyalties to who they believe is the true ruler of Concordia.

References Edit

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