Organization Name: Knights of Saint Adrian
Other names: The Sidearm of the Angels, Howard Investigative Services
Type: Third-tier conspiracy
Founder: Casey Howard
Founded: 1990
Endowment: Ink

The Knights of Saint Adrian is a conspiracy of hunters. Originally appearing in Mortal Remains as an anti-demon mercenary unit, the Knights have continued throughout the modern era.


The Knights began as a mercenary unit headed by Casey Howard, who were originally bounty hunters. After Howard was injured during a surfing accident and had to quit her job, she was approached by an angel with a mission from God to fight demons in return for angelic scripts in the form of their Ink tattoos. Howard accepted the deal and since then, she and her people have been taken under the wing of Howard Investigative Services, a firm that hires out its members for bail bond hunters.


The Knights of Saint Adrian are dedicated to the eradication of demons, paid for their work by Howard Investigative Services. They work per contract and are obliged to fulfill them to the letter for the customers.


As a mercenary unit, all of the Knights of Saint Adrian operate through their paycheck from Howard Investigative Services. The amount of Status in the organization primarily means how high the paycheck of a member is and how many tattoos they have. They are divided into three separate types of mercenaries depending on their job type and stigmas against demons.

Dispatchers cover a lot of the logistical side of things. A dispatcher gives out assignments, but also provides needed services like non-demonic bounty hunting jobs that a field team can use as cover.

Hounds do most of the fieldwork, from finding their way into private property to fighting the demons themselves. Unlike a normal fugitive, demons never go quietly, so most Hounds can handle themselves in a fight.

Deliverers take care of the esoteric handling requirements necessary to keep a demon subdued, as well as the strange ways and places the client wants them handed over.


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