The Knights Templar are a fanatic group within House Liam who see themselves as the covert action team of the House.

Overview Edit

The Knights took their name in a sardonic way for while they are nobles and some have been knighted, their actions are not chivalrous. They act in the dark to uphold their own interpretation of the Escheat and house law. They are fanatics to the core and highly Traditionalist, making their own rules and fighting their own battles.

In general, House Liam is wise enough to avoid large-scale conflict with kithain society but the Templars are those, usually wilders and childlings, who chafe at the restrictions exile puts on them. They are secret only in that its hard to know who is a member and their existence is widely known in the House, which is how they like it. They hope to come out into the open at one point when their methods are acknowledged as right and proper.

A typical mission for one of them involves infiltrating a court where House Liam is treated badly. They observe, and once they make sure they have the right target, they attempt to punish the court in whatever way they deem fitting. They lean more to the direct than the witty or subtle. While they will take up the cause of defending mortals if need be, they feel that the rest of the House is more than capable of dealing with those issues.

The current leader of the Knights is Sir Joseph. He is receiving a lot of pressure to let commoners join but he has refused so far because he believes that guarding the honor of the house is more tricky than those without the instinctual sidhe honor can manage. This has affected their popularity to no small degree.

References Edit

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