The Knights Protector are an order of Leanhaun knights and the military arm of that House.

Overview Edit

This order of knights primarily serves as escorts for important members of the House at meetings and councils. They act as bodyguards for these same fae when they visit other freeholds or walk among the commoners. The Knights Protector are as highly trained as any Gwydion or Fiona and are granted the very best equipment the House can provide. Aside from a handful of Trolls and one famous Eshu, the Knights are all Leanhaun Sidhe. To the extent an Unseelie can have honor, they are known for it and come closest to following the Seelie Code.

Unfortunately their duties prevent them from spending the long hours necessary to find Dreamers to suit their needs. In this they are helped by the Finders who locate likely prospects and set up meetings between the knight and the mortal. Most of these protectors no longer keep up the pretense of a normal, human life. They don't hold down jobs, though most do keep a place outside of freeholds to live so they don't enter Bedlam. Most of these knights serve the House and know its goals, working to fulfill them. They do not, however, know anything of the Midnight Pact.

References Edit

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