Knight Entropy, also known as the Wyrm’s Spawn and Knight Entropic, is a Maeljin Incarna of the Urge Wyrm of Consumption.


The Knight Entropy’s gaze rots its target and its touch turns people and objects to dust. It never negotiates, even with its fellow Maeljin, and is impossible to coerce or control. Instead, anything or anyone pure, honorable, and perfect attracts its deadly gaze. It appears as a feral human of indeterminate gender with bloody hair, wearing the remains of a crusader’s armor. On its shield is a black dragon encircling and constricting the world, and its mount is a black horse with bloody fangs.

The only force that can destroy Lord Entropy is the pure and creative energies of the Wyld. Direct exposure to the Flux Realm would instantly kill it. Alternately, some of the Changing Breeds might discover a way to channel the power of several powerful caerns into a single site. If Knight Entropy attempts to drain this caern of power, as he has so many others, he would be overwhelmed with the Wyld’s boundless creative energy. That force would obliterate him and his energies of decay.



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