Klaivaskar is a term used by the Garou to describe the art of fighting with klaives, their special silver blades.


Make your klaive as an argent claw, so that it responds instantly and precisely to your every thought, striking where you will.

Klaive dueling is usually governed by honorable conventions, in which the duelists engage in ritual conversations or insults before beginning the actual fight. However, sometimes rage takes over, and the fighters leap into the fray with little thought of honorifics.

Some Garou have studied the application of human swordfighting arts, such as fencing and Kenjutsu, to klaive-fighting. Garou characters are free to study those styles if they wish, though many other Garou will scorn them for “taking lessons from the apes.”


Klaive dueling is taught only to members of one’s tribe or pack. As with Kailindo, many Garou hold onto their klaive-fighting secrets jealously, so finding an instructor may be a challenge. Training sessions typically take place in isolated woodland groves and similar locales.


To execute these Klaivaskar maneuvers, a Garou must necessarily be proficient in blade techniques.

  • Evasion
Weapon Maneuvers
  • Disarm, Fleche, Great Blow, Jab, Parry, Riposte, Slash, Thrust.


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