Kithbook: Eshu is a sourcebook for Changeling: The Dreaming describing the eshu. It was the last sourcebook published before WOD: World of Darkness: Time of Judgement .

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Dreamers of Freedom

Born from the dreams of wanderers and storytellers, eshu follow their own enigmatic traditions, keeping alive the spirit of adventure and the desire for freedom. Though counted as commoners, these embodiments of the dreams of Africa, India and the Middle East claim a lineage as royal as the noblest of the fae. Yet all too often, they have reputations as irresponsible roamers, tricksters and thieves. What secrets do the eshu conceal? What drives them to a life of constant wandering?

Keepers of the Road

Now the eshu come forth to tell the story of their proud and ancient beginnings, the reasons behind their perpetual journeys and the secrets that lie beneath their carefree demeanor. Tales of wild adventure and peril unfold for all to see. The nomads of changeling society have found their voice at last.

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Chapter One: Tales from the Dawn of All ThingsEdit

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Chapter Five: Orishas Yet to ComeEdit

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