Written by: Christine Beard, Abigail Corfman, Meg Woodworth
Developed by: Peter Woodworth
Edited by: Carol Darnell
Art Direction: Michael Chaney
Creative Director: Richard Thomas
Art: Brian Leblanc, Drew Tucker
Front Cover Art: Tony DiTerlizzi
Author's Dedication
This book is lovingly dedicated to all the boggans out there who – in true boggan fashion! - waited so patiently for your time in the sun. We’ll see you all on Honeycomb!
Publisher White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Date June 20, 2018
Pages 96
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Price: $7.99 (PDF)

Kithbook: Boggans is a sourcebook for Changeling: The Dreaming describing the boggans. Previously the one kith book missing, it was resurrected as a part of the Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition line as a kickstarter stretch goal.

Summary Edit

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest differences in life, and nowhere is this more evident than the boggan kith. Although they have preferred to let others glory in the spotlight, this industrious kith has worked its own subtle and patient magic over the centuries, drawing power from dreams of hearth and comfort and becoming no less than the bedrock of Kithain society. Even heroes need homes to return to, after all.

For the first time ever, the secrets and gossip of the boggan kith are being shared with outsiders. So pull your chair closer to the fire, take up a fresh cup of tea, and listen carefully, because the real truth about these unsung heroes is finally coming to light.

Kithbook: Boggans features:

  • A history of this unassuming yet vital kith, and how they’ve subtly shaped the Dreaming.
  • Insight into boggan nature combined with advice for bringing boggan characters to life.
  • Ready-made characters for quick play, and profiles of famous boggans past and present.
  • New Treasures, Merits, and Flaws for boggan characters.

Prelude: Like Clockwork Edit

Chapter One: A short history of the BoggansEdit

Chapter Two: Upstairs Downstairs Edit

Chapter Three: Beyond Hearth and Home Edit

Chapter Four: Faces in the Firelight Edit

Appendix: Odds and Ends Edit

Background Edit

  • This book is not to be mistaken with the fan-made version made after the old World of Darkness ended in 2004.

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