Kishar, the Visage of the Earth is one of the Apocalyptic Forms available to the Fallen, specifically those of the House of Annunaki.

Angelic Kishar appear like hairless giants made of living earth, with gemstones for eyes. They are extremely strong, can see in the dark, and are immune to blunt trauma. They also tend to reflect where they once worked by taking on the colors and textures of the stone and dirt they shaped. When they become consumed with Torment, Kishar grow spines and additional arms, and a foul sap drips from their bodies. Most of their enhancements in their dark natures are purely physical; for all their diligence, the Kishar are not subtle.

Although many consider the Kishar to be simple and primal, further examination shows that the Kishar were responsible for the complex land masses and land formations of the world. Because of the slow nature of their work, many Kishar have extreme amounts of patience towards any task they set themselves to; in spite of all they accomplished, most of them were surprisingly humble. Few Kishar joined the rebellion; those who did served as powerful warriors who mastered using their elements to attack, like many other angels of the elements.

Background InformationEdit

In ancient Sumerian mythology, Kishar was, appropriately, a goddess of the Earth. She is both the sister and wife of Anshar, a sky god.


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