The Kingdom of the White Sands is one of the Kingdoms that make up Concordia.

Overview Edit

The Kingdom of White Sands consists solely of the state of Florida. The air that envelopes this land has a sultry, almost sensuous air to it. This strongly resembles the nature of its ruler, Queen Morganna of House Gwydion, who rules from Caer Flamingo on the state's southern tip, near Miami. Morganna runs one of the most romantic, some would say decadent, houses in Concordia. She is also generally even tempered and sunny in disposition. She is one of the best loved of Concordia's monarchs and there are few rebellions in this Kingdom, though it faces a constant struggle with pirates from the Fiefs of Bright Paradise as well as the Nunnehi who claim the Everglades as their land (or what’s left of it).

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References Edit

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