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The Kingdom of the Burning Sun is one of the Kingdoms that make up Concordia.


Chief Greyhawk.png

Harsh and unforgiving one minute, serene and full of ancient beauty and wisdom the next, the Kingdom of the Burning Sun is a perfect match for its ruler, sad-eyed Chief Greyhawk of House Gwydion who is rumored to have "gone native," adopting many customs of the Nunnehi native to the region. His home is Caer Blacksalt, in the Arizona desert. In the Dreaming, the Kingdom of the Burning Sun shares much of the Desert of Flame with the Kingdom of Pacifica and the Kingdom of the Feathered Snake. Also here may be found the Desert of Perpetual Night, a barren and cold place filled with hostile chimera of every description. Chief Greyhawk is alone among the Concordian monarchs in his good relations with the nunnehi. His contacts with them are all in the form of private reunes, however. They are attended by only his most trusted advisors. The changelings of this region, on the whole, tend to have fewer ties with the mainstream of Concordia.

The Kingdom of the Burning Sun coincides with the Southwestern part of the United States. It includes the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.


  • Duchy of Copper (Arizona)
  • Duchy of Turquoise (New Mexico)
  • Duchy of the Lone Star (Texas)
  • Duchy of Storms (Oklahoma)
  • Duchy of High Mountains (Colorado)
  • Duchy of Bees (Utah)
  • Duchy of Good Fortune (Nevada)