Kingdom of Willows is a setting book for Changeling: The Dreaming, covering the land of King Meilge in southeastern Concordia.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
The tranquil South holds the promise of endless summer for the Kithain of Concordia. But promises fade, dissolved by unspoken rivalries and dark despotic dreams. Beneath the gilded mask of Southern Hospitality, a madman's ambition gnaws at the heart of the land.
The Royal Procession
Amid a flurry of hopes and dreams, High King David and his new queen, Faerilyth, begin a grand tour of Concordia in King Meilge's realm. Then disaster strikes.


Magnolias Fade, Willows WeepEdit


Book One: Dreams of a Lost PastEdit

Chapter One: History of the Kingdom of WillowsEdit

Chapter Two: GeographyEdit

Chapter Three: Politics and CultureEdit

Book Two: Dreams of a Troubled FutureEdit

Chapter Four: Kithain of the KingdomEdit

Chapter Five: Gallain and OthersEdit

Chapter Six: StorytellingEdit


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