The Kingdom of Willows is one of the Kingdoms that make up Concordia.

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Kingdom of Willows

Sullen, moody and stifling best describe this kingdom and its cursed ruler, King Meilge of House Eiluned. The air here seldom moves, except when is a great storm punctuates the king's mad outbursts. Geographically the Willow Kingdom extends over most of the American Southeast. Much of the Dreaming here consists of rolling, bluegrass hills, rich farmland, placid lakes and dismal swamps. There are other forces at work here of late, however, and beneath the stagnant air a great movement, sometimes imperceptible, is boiling to the surface,

King Meilge rules his lands like a benevolent dictator; his iron hand just showing from beneath his velvet gauntlet. While the various duchies that make up the kingdom enjoy varying degrees of political latitude, Meilge’s own freehold and its environs mirror the overtly gracious, yet subtly sinister, nature of its overlord.

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