King Sean was the previous monarch of the Kingdom of Pacifica.

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Assassination as a means of attrition is all too common among the sidhe nobility since the Resurgence. The first and greatest assassination since their return was that of the Warlord Dafyll. Some say that it was his murder that paved the way for later high-profile assassinations.

In 1985, The same year as another assassination, that of Queen Andalura of the Kingdom of Grass, King Sean of the Kingdom of Pacifica was murdered by commoner revolutionaries of the Radical People's Front (an ally of the Ranters). Sean was succeeded to the throne by his niece, Queen Aeron. Aeron ascended the throne at age 16. She directly led a raid that avenged her uncle's death, which reportedly resulted in the death of all of his assassins. Few, if any, suspect Queen Aeron of complicity in Sean's death, though her recent decadence and flirtations with her Unseelie nature are creating grist for some ugly rumors.

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