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Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. It covers how to make Kinfolk characters and how to incorporate them into a game.


From the Back Cover:

Blood of my Blood

We are your parents, your spouses, your lovers. We are your brothers, your sisters, your children. We know the secret war you wage, and we're willing to make great sacrifices for your sake. We've had to be strong to help you, and we're learned wisdom from your guidance. And at the same time, we're less than equals in your society - "only mortals," you say. But think for a minute - how much could you do without us? You need us. We're family. We're Kin.

How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth

"You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family." Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes is the sourcebook dealing with the mortal relatives, human and wolf, of the Garou. Learn what it's like to be the poor cousins to werewolves, the family members with the heaviest responsibility of all. Learn what it takes to be a werewolf's mate, parent or child. See what inspires that turns so many against the Garou.

Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes includes:

  • Details on the society of human and wolf Kin, useful for any Werewolf campaign
  • Full rules for creating mortal Kinfolk characters, as well as guidelines for all-Kinfolk games
  • Detailed guidelines for creating Kinfolk vampires, mages, wraiths or changelings


Legends of the Garou: Kagemusha


Useful Sources:

  • Anzaldúa, Gloria. Borderlands.
  • Bhaji on the Beach. (Movie)
  • Brown, Gary. Great Bear Almanac.
  • Johnson, Sylvia and Aamodt, Alice. Wolf Pack.
  • Heinrich, Bernd. Ravens in Winter.
  • Herrero, Stephen. Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance.
  • Leopold, Aldo. A Sand County Almanac.
  • Lopez, Barry. Of Wolves and Men.
  • Mannix, Daniel. The Fox and the Hound.
  • Mech, L. David. The Wolf: The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species.
  • Ospery Men at Arms
  • Savage, Candace. Bird Brains: The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies and Jays.
  • Tan, Amy. The Joy Luck Club.
  • Turgenev, Ivan. Fathers and Sons.

Chapter One: The Society of Kinfolk

Chapter Two: Creating Characters

Original Kinfolk Gifts

  • Eve's Touch - Level One
  • Dona Nobis Pacem - Level One
  • Echoes - Level One


Hedge Magic Paths:

  • Spirit Chasing

Psychic Phenomena:

  • Empathic Healing
  • Soulstealing

True Faith

Chapter Three: Supernatural Kinfolk

Chapter Four: Storytelling

Other Animal Kinfolk

  • Bear
  • Crow
  • Lion


  • Horn of Distress - Level 1, Gnosis 3
  • Amulet of Kinship - Level 2, Gnosis 5
  • Klaive Hammer - Level 3, Gnosis 5


  • Test Vial - Gnosis 3
  • Hero's Mead - Gnosis 5
  • Long Whispers - Gnosis 7
  • Dire Call - Gnosis 9

Appendix: Blood Relations

A list of Kinfolk Templates and Kinfolk of Note (See Characters):

  • Politician (Black Fury Kinfolk)
  • Show-and-Tell Wolf (Uktena Kinfolk)
  • Vengeful Scientist (Silver Fang Kinfolk)
  • Cub Finder (Silent Strider Kinfolk)



  • Musaki Takeshi - Legends of the Garou: Hakken
  • Musaki Jiro - Legends of the Garou: Hakken Kinfolk
  • Musaki Kazuo - Legends of the Garou: Hakken
  • Azami - Legends of the Garou
  • Ian Corrigan - Fianna Garou
  • Theadora Corrigan - Fianna Kinfolk, nurse
  • Boris Yin - Stargazer Kinfolk
  • Bill Nadeau - Glass Walker Kinfolk
  • Chris Wlodkowski - Get of Fenris Kinfolk
  • Dr. Romain Guy - Progenitor Mage, Kinfolk, Sondage Amalgam
  • Danielle Linhart - Child of Gaia Kinfolk
  • Jese Ikenberg - Black Fury Kinfolk
  • Niki Ikenberg - Black Fury Garou
  • Professor Lloyd Warner - Elder Brother of the Arcanum, Child of Gaia Kinfolk
  • Bruggie - Bone Gnawer Kinfolk
  • Moldy - Bone Gnawer Garou
  • Michael Andersson - Get of Fenris Kinfolk
  • Lisbet Andersson - Get of Fenris Garou
  • Charles Little - Glass Walker Kinfolk
  • Katie Little - Glass Walker Garou
  • Alice Coldwaters - Uktena Kinfolk
  • Marion Roberts - Child of Gaia Kinfolk
  • Stephen Karamov - Silver Fang Kinfolk
  • Christina Dobson - Black Fury Kinfolk
  • Mr. Fixer - Bone Gnawer Kinfolk
  • John Hildebrandt - Child of Gaia Kinfolk
  • Molly MacArthur - Fianna Kinfolk
  • Ingrid Andersen - Get of Fenris Kinfolk, Black Eagle member
  • Wide-Ruff-Torn-Ear (Greymane) - Red Talon Kinfolk
  • Julia Kamansky - Shadow Lord Kinfolk
  • Johnny Longshank - Silent Strider Kinfolk
  • Mrs. Alfred Barrows (June) - Silver Fang Kinfolk, genealogist, The Silvertree Genealogical Society
  • Mr. Alfred Barrows - Silver Fang Garou, died
  • Yasamin Chaudhry - Stargazer Kinfolk
  • Elangonel Rainwater - Uktena Kinfolk
  • Mato-Nazin - Sioux Wendigo Kinfolk
  • Maggie Simmons - Black Spiral Dancer Kinfolk
  • Alec Walker, Jr. - Kinfolk to a Ronin Garou
  • Samuel Haight
  • Serwa Sisal - Simba Kinfolk
  • Woody Blackhawk - Nuwisha Kinfolk
  • Eric Kroll - Corax Kinfolk
  • Duran-nah - Dreamspeaker, Gurahl Kinfolk
  • Maiba Mullin - Ananasi Kinfolk
  • Prokop Radislawski - Mokolé Kinfolk
  • Supriya Patel - Naga Kinfolk
  • Yukio Masabi - Kitsune Kinfolk
  • Maire O'Dwyer - Manager to the Widdershins, Fianna Kinfolk
  • Padraig Conneely - Fianna Kinfolk, Widdershins
  • Aidan Conneely - Fianna Kinfolk, Widdershins
  • Caoilte - Fianna Garou
  • Audre-Emma Rich - Black Fury Kinfolk, Sisterhood member
  • Adam Preston - Shadow Lord Kinfolk, Founder of Viatopia
  • Gerald Schwartz - Get of Fenris Kinfolk, Cinnander of the Black Eagle
  • Heinrich Rosenblatt - Get of Fenris Kinfolk
  • Eric Amundsen - Get of Fenris Kinfolk
  • Diarmaid ui Duibhne - Fianna from the past
  • Oscar - Fianna hero from the past
  • Precious Ginny - Red Willie Ammons' Bone Gnawer girlfriend
  • Alana Edwards - Black Fury Kinfolk
  • Kawika Nahelan - Uktena Ahroun Garou
  • Kevin Addison - Bone Gnawer Kinfolk, Clan Nosferatu
  • Nathaniel Rhodes - Clan Nosferatu, Sire to Kevin Addison
  • Dr. Isabella Cotes-Bogdan - Son of Ether, Glass Walker Kinfolk
  • Celeste Coates - Glass Walker Kinfolk
  • Dr. Bogdan - Son of Ether Mage
  • Magaskawee (Swan Maid) - Wendigo Kinfolk, Wraith Heretic
  • Frank Shea - storyteller, Fianna Kinfolk
  • Mr. Danahur - Fey-touched Kinfolk
  • Jamie - Unseelie Fae, Kinfolk
  • Bill Caldicott - Lasombra priest, Child of Gaia Kinfolk
  • Clark Rubin - Order of Hermes, Uktena Kinfolk
  • Judith Holt - Chanteur Wraith, Fianna Kinfolk
  • Ileana Gunderson - Unseelie Troll, Get of Fenris Kinfolk

Kinfolk of Note:

  • Fionn MacCumhail - Fianna Kinfolk
  • Harald Hardrada - Get of Fenris Kinfolk
  • Red Willie Ammons - Bone Gnawer Kinfolk
  • Nightmist - Red Talon Kinfolk
  • Strangelove - Glass Walker Kinfolk, leader of the Locksmiths
  • Iolani Darkmoon - Uktena Kinfolk, Wyrm-tainted, now Black Spiral Dancer Kinfolk
  • Kesin the Wayfarer -Stargazer Kinfolk


Lexicon: Fellowship, Nanna, Stud, Mare; Kinfolk Fellowships: Widdershins, The Gaia Network, The Silvertree Genealogical Society, The Locksmiths, The Sisterhood, Viatopia, The Black Eagle, NAMJD (North American Indian Decree)

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