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Kinfolk: A Breed Apart is a sourcebook for use with W20, on how to use and play Kinfolk characters.


Born to Run
The Garou are born of two kinds: humans and wolves. These are their Kinfolk — those “of the blood.” These special people — whether of two legs or four — carry in them the hope of the Garou: the promise of future generations. Although Garou are born to Kinfolk, nobody knows they’re different until they undergo their First Change. Until such a blessed (or cursed) time, they are just like their more mundane Kin. Most live as humans, suffering the foibles of humanity, all the while hoping they’re secretly special, that they harbor the wolf within. Even though that wolf will never howl for the majority of Kin, they’ve still got a vital role in the war, aiding the effort from behind the lines.
Stuck in Second Gear
This book gives the Kinfolk the spotlight and shows how they live their lives as adjuncts to the Garou — werewolves who could be their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, even their parents. It explores the society of Kinfolk, both those “kenning” (in the know) and “callow” (ignorant of the Garou). Storytellers will find advice on running Kinfolk-oriented chronicles, while players can discover special Kinfolk Gifts and fetishes, as well as learn the many differences between Garou and Fera Kin.
Kinfolk: A Breed Apart contains:
  • Overview of the Kinfolk, both kenning and callow, including some of the Fellowships founded by Kinfolk to aid the Garou cause — and to protect themselves from their cousins’ Rage.
  • Character creation for playing Kinfolk, including new Skills, Backgrounds, Merits and Flaws, as well as special Kin rites, Gifts, and fetishes.
  • Guidelines for running Kinfolk chronicles, as well as in-depth information on the Kin-Fetches, the unique spirits used by Garou to watch over their distant cousins and warn the tribes if one of them should undergo the First Change.


Introduction to Canis Homo Familiaris

Chapter One: Kinfolk Society

An overview of Kinfolk, their relationships to the Garou Nation and how they fit into the culture of werewolves.

Subaltern Packs (Kinfolk Packs)

  • # (Hashtag): Glass Walker Kinfolk
    • Yvonne Masters - Leader
    • Logan Firth
    • Fawkes
    • Morna Dawes
    • Alvin Geauchard
  • The Killers: Get of Fenris and Silent Strider Kinfolk
    • Gunther Kraler - Leader
    • Anna Glimm
    • Macabee Concannon - Silent Strider Kinfolk
    • Stefan Lunz
    • Jacobi Al Yusef - Silent Strider Kinfolk
    • Mark von Zurgen - Twin
    • Mikal von Zurgen - Twin
  • Nightshade: Black Fury Kinfolk
    • Rebecca Pacoulis - Leader
    • Melika Ash
    • Alexander Likoiros
    • Rico Karakis
    • Pola Mistrunner
    • Themis Oeris

Kinfolk Fellowships

  • The Black Eagles - Get of Fenris Kinfolk
  • The Gaia Network - Children of Gaia Kinfolk
  • The Locksmiths - Glass Walker Kinfolk
  • NAMID (North American Indian Decree) aka "Star Dancers" - Wendigo Kinfolk and a few Uktena Kinfolk
  • The Silvertree Genealogical Society - Silver Fang Kinfolk
  • The Sisterhood - Black Fury Kinfolk
  • Widdershins Society - Fianna Kinfolk (Folk Band Groups: Widdershins, Wolves of the Highlands, Gaelsong, and Taliesin's Songbird.)
    • Pan and the Muse - Black Fury Kinfolk Band (Fraternal Twins)
    • Gertie's Jug Band - Bone Gnawer Kinfolk Band
    • Potlatch Songs - Wendigo Kinfolk Band
  • Wolfenhome (formerly Viatopia) - Shadow Lord Kinfolk and all Tribal Kinfolk

Secret Societies

  • Judges of Gaia - Kinfolk of all Tribes
  • The Eleusines - Began with Black Fury Kinfolk, now all Female Tribal Kinfolk

Kinfolk Religions and Cults

  • Buriers - Bone Gnawer Kinfolk
  • Kinhome - All Kinfolk
  • Lunae - All Kinfolk
  • Reincarnates - Mostly Stargazer Kinfolk

Testing the Waters

  • Rite of Accord

Chapter Two: Whelps of Other Breeds

Considers the Kinfolk of other Fera, as well as what happens when Kinfolk Awaken, come back as Wraiths, or become vampires.

Chapter Three: Kinfolk Characters

How to build a playable Kinfolk, including rites and gifts.

  • New Talent:
    • Intuition
  • New Knowledge:
    • Bureaucracy
    • Herbalism
    • Veterinary Medicine
    • Rituals
  • Backgrounds:
    • Equipment
    • Garou Favor
    • Renown
    • Resources
    • Rites

Fetches ====

  • Lingering Kin-Fetch (2 Pt. Kinfolk Merit)
  • Malingering Kin-Fetch (3 Pt. Kinfolk Flaw)
  • Kin-Fetches have the following charms: Airt Sense, Materialize, Realm Sense, Re-form, Fetch Brand and Subtle Watcher
  • Kin-Fetch - G
  • Kinfolk Gifts:
    • Black Furies:
      • Owl's Speech (Level One)
    • Bone Gnawers:
      • Chain Talk (Level One)
      • Trash Hound (Level One)
    • Children of Gaia:
      • Water-Conning (Level One)
    • Get of Fenris:
      • Safe Haven (Level One)
    • Glass Walkers:
      • Control Simple Machine (Level One)
      • Diagnostics (Level One)
      • Well-Oiled Running (Level One)
    • Red Talons:
      • Howl to the Pack (Level One)
      • Purify Meat (Level One)
    • Shadow Lords:
      • Aura of Confidence (Level One)
      • Whisper Catching (Level One)
    • Silent Striders:
      • Heaven's Guidance (Level One)
      • Silence (Level One)
    • Silver Fangs:
      • Osprey's Eye (Level One)
    • Stargazers:
      • Balance (Level One)
      • Iron Resolve (Level One)
    • Uktena:
      • Sense Magic (Level One)
    • Wendigo:
      • Call the Breeze (Level One)
  • Rites:
    • Rites of Accord:
      • Rite of Apology (Level One)
      • Rite of Unity of Purpose (Level Two)
      • Sway the Hand of Anger (Level Two)
    • Rites of the Milestones:
      • Rite of Welcoming (Birth) (Level One)
      • Vow of Partnership (Mating) (Level One)
      • Wake for the Departed (Death) (Level One)
    • Rites of the Homestead:
      • Rite of Homestead Dedication (Level Two)
      • Rite of Protection (Level Two)
      • Rite of True Seeing (Level Two)
    • Rites of Punishment:
      • Rite of Exile (Level Three)
      • Rite of Intervention (Level One)
    • Rites of Renown:
      • Rite of Challenge
    • Seasonal Rites:
      • Minor Rites (Individual Rites):
        • Rite of the Morning Song
        • Rite of Evening Chant
  • Equipment:
    • Fetishes:
      • Blood Brother Blade (Level Three, Gnosis 7)
      • Bloodhound's Snout (Level One, Gnosis 5)
      • Hearth Caul (Level Four, Gnosis 7)
      • Songbird Staff (Level Two, Gnosis 6)
    • Talens:
      • Biting Bullet (Gnosis 6)
      • Finders Keepers (Gnosis 5)
      • Fumblegum (Gnosis 6)
      • Leaf of Grass (Gnosis 4)
      • Spirit Shield (Gnosis 7)
    • Other Equipment:
      • Silver Bullets
      • Herbal Medicines
      • Bugs
      • White Noise Generators
      • Nonlethal Weapons:
        • Tasers
        • Pepper Spray
        • Wire
      • Silencers
      • High Tech Gadgets
      • Poisons
  • Numina:
    • Hedge Magic Ways:
      • Conjuration
      • Divination
      • Healing
      • Herbalism/Brewing
      • Spirit Chasing
    • Psychic Phenomena:
      • Empathic Healing (Charisma + Empathy)
        • Soothe (*)
        • Knit Flesh (**)
        • Mend Bones (***)
        • Organ Repair (****)
        • Pacify Madness (*****)
      • Soulstealing
        • Dream Invasion (*)
        • Will Sapping (**)
        • Drain Vital Essence (***)
        • Shift Life (****)
        • Gnosis Theft (*****)
    • Truth Faith

Chapter Four: Storytelling Kinfolk Chronicles

Ideas for integrating Kinfolk and Garou into the same chronicle.

Example of Play

  • Voice of the Snow Caern - Uktena/Wendigo
  • Child-Gnawer - Bane


  • Lingering Kin-Fetch (2 Pt. Kinfolk Merit)
  • Malingering Kin-Fetch (3 Pt. Kinfolk Flaw)
  • Kin-Fetches have the following charms: Airt Sense, Materialize, Realm Sense, Re-form, Fetch Brand and Subtle Watcher
  • Kin-Fetch - Gaffling Spirit
  • Blood Fetch - Jaggling Spirit
  • Blight Nurse - Wyrm-Tainted Kin-Fetch Spirit
  • Fetch Spider - Weaver-Assimilated Kin-Fetch Spirit
  • Fetch-Hawk - Wasp-like Spirit groomed by Black Spiral Dancer Theurges, hunts Kin-Fetches

Appendix: We Are Family

Profiles of several Kinfolk families, both callow and kenning.

  • The Blackwoods: Burdens and Scars (Kenning):
    • Lottie Blackwood - Kinfolk
    • Gina Blackwood - Kinfolk
    • Jesse Blackwood - Couple, Kinfolk
    • Anna Blackwood - Couple, Kinfolk
    • Darren Blackwood - Kinfolk
    • Maggie Blackwood - Kinfolk
    • Paul Blackwood - Kinfolk
    • Discretion Trauma Services - Family Business
  • The Millers: Myths and Moonshine (Kenning):
    • John-Jacob Joe-Bob Miller, "Eyes-of-the-Forest" aka "ThreeJay" - Garou Theurge
    • Warps-the-Land - Bane, bound by the Uktena
    • Billie-Jean Mahoney Miller - Kinfolk Wife of John-Jacob Sr.
    • Billy-Bob Joe-John Miller - Garou Theurge, Son of John-Jacob Sr.
    • John-Jacob Joe-Bob ("Junior") Miller, Jr. - Kinfolk, son of John-Jacob Sr.
    • Rose Apple Miller - Kinfolk, daughter of John-Jacob Sr.
    • June Bird ("Birdy") Miller - Kinfolk, John-Jacob Sr.'s sister, Hedge Witch
  • The Long Strider Traveling Circus: Off-Balance on the Road (Callow):
    • Luiz Cradiscz - (Changed Family name to Craddock), past Family Member, 1919, Kinfolk
    • Elmer Craddock - Past Family Member, Kinfolk
    • Matthew Craddock - Kinfolk
    • Marina Crayton Craddock - Wife of Matthew, Kinfolk
    • Daniel Craddock - Kinfolk
    • Olivia Hines Craddock - Wife of Daniel
    • Alan Paton - Black Spiral Dancer Kinfolk
    • Cerise Craddock Paton - Matthew's Daughter, and Alan's Wife, Kinfolk
    • Tabitha Craddock - Twin daughter of Daniel and Olivia Craddock, Kinfolk
    • Talitha Craddock - Twin daughter of Daniel and Olivia Craddock, Kinfolk
    • Gideon Paton - Alan and Cerise's son, Kinfolk
  • The Garrisons: Birds Without Borders (Kenning):
    • Isaac Garrison - Kinfolk, Family Patriarch
    • John Garrison - Kinfolk
    • Dr. Mahnaz Garrison - Kinfolk, John's Wife
    • Jacob Garrison - Latent Corax, John and Mahnaz's son
    • Ethan Garrison - Kinfolk, John's brother
    • Tara Garrison - Human, Ethan's Wife
    • Saradar Gillani - Kinfolk - Mahnaz's father
    • Coyle - Corax, Corvid
  • The Grinders: Drugs and Violence (Callow):
    • Twitch aka Michael "Mikey" Davis - Homid Ratkin, Knife Skulker, gang member
    • Gina "Big Momma" - Kinfolk, Twitch's Wife, gang member
    • Jojo - Kinfolk, one of Twitch's eldest surviving sons, gang member
    • Shaggy - Kinfolk, gang member
    • Zee-Dub - Kinfolk, gang member
    • Ant aka Angela - Kinfolk, youngest daughter of one of Twitch's original Ratkin gang members, gang member

Background Information


Memorable Quotes


  • Gerald Schwartz - Retired Black Eagles Commander
  • Sandor "Sandy" Hunter - Leads the Black Eagles
  • Strangelove - Started the Locksmiths
  • June Richmond Barrows - Founded the Silvertree Genealogical Society
  • Tara Touches-the-Stars - Silver Fang relative to June Barrows, searches for information on lost Kinfolk families
  • Daniel Trefoil - Silver Fang Kinfolk, making genealogical files of BSD and any White Howler Kinfolk
  • Creta Netglider - Glass Walker Theurge life-partner to Daniel Trefoil
  • Padraig - Formed Widdershins
  • Aidan Conneely - Formed Widdershins
  • Adam Preston - Shadow Lord Kinfolk, Formed Wolfenhome
  • Andromace Peloppaneus - Black Fury Kinfolk Band Member of Pan and the Muse (Fraternal Twins)
  • Andros Peloppaneus - Black Fury Kinfolk Band Member of Pan and the Muse (Fraternal Twins)
  • Curtis Cannon - Silver Fang Kinfolk, founded the Judges of Gaia
  • Selene Moon-Caller - Silver Fang



Formal: the, Bequest, Callow, Fellowship, Garou gene, Kenning, Kin Fetch, Plebe pack, Subaltern pack; Informal/Slang: Golden apple, Idiot, Lethal mutation. Mare, Nanna, Rotten apple, Stud, Unfortunate, Ushers; Kyphur Cats, Kadugo, Kadugo-maker (Insult), Rite of the Spirit Egg, Breeding Plague, Skin Dancers, Sterilico (Pentex subsidiary: 'remediation'), Hermetic Order of the Swift Light


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