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Kindred is a term designated to the vampiric race as a whole, or it may refer to only a single vampire.


Kindred VTM.jpg

According to rumor, the term came about in the 15th or 16th century, after the Great Anarch Revolt.

It is most commonly used by members of the Camarilla who strive to maintain their Humanity – and this is especially true to secularists and party-line loyalists who reject the myth of Caine as the First Vampire. They will often use the expression "Kindred and kine" to refer to all the people of the world.

Sabbat vampires scorn the term as an affectation of feigned camaraderie and humanity, preferring the word "Cainite" instead. Other vampires who do not believe they are descended from Caine, such as the Laibon and many Assamites and Setites, likewise object to the term.

Despite this controversy, Camarilla vampires often employ the term "Kindred" to other vampiric beings, even the Kuei-jin.