Killmoulis are a subtype of sluagh, or possibly a closely related but very rare kith.

Overview Edit

Little is known about the origin of killmoulis. What is known is that these creatures first appeared at the same time the sluagh known as Abbey Lubbers and Buttery Spirits began infesting inns and abbeys, aiding the crawlers in their tasks by devouring all the food around them — after a fashion. Technically speaking, these creatures did not really devour the food they came across; killmoulis had no mouths. Rather, they had huge, gaping nostrils into which they shoved any and all edibles within arms' reach. While killmoulis never grew much above three feet in height, and were so thin their ribs could be counted from an arrowshot away, they nevertheless managed to pack away appalling amounts of food. Left unchecked, a single killmoulis could empty a pantry by themself in a matter of a few days.

In older days, these beings were often seen in the company of sluagh. Nothing has been heard of them for over a century, however, and it is believed that they are extinct. Some mourn for this loss, but the vast majority of changelings never knew they existed. Certain sluagh hold out the hope that the killmoulis survive to this day and are simply keeping quiet; as the creatures have no mouths, it would seem that they have no other option.

Sluagh characters may have the Flaw "Killmoulis Marks:" the individual sluagh resembles a killmoulis, with traits that range from a slight stature to having no mouth at all.


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