Killing Streets is a supplement for Kindred of the East that explores the dark sides of the urban territories of the Cathayans, including organized crime and the seedier sides of town.


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With Blood in the Gutters
The Middle Kingdom's glimmering high-rises and endless slums provide a vast tapestry for the Cathayans who prey on the living. Violence, abuse and death crowd together in a sea of pain and filth, in which the Kuei-jin swim like sharks.
The Hungry Dead Play Their Games
Killing Streets explores the dark corners of Asian cities, and the places Cathayans lurk. From international crime cartels like the Yakuza to the dictators' work camps, from the glamorous clubs of Tokyo to the slums of Manila, this book provides an array of characters, resources and story seeds.


Prelude: RevengeEdit

Introduction: On the Killing StreetsEdit

Details on the book, suggestions for using it, and recommended media to get the atmosphere down, as well as a lexicon of terms used by Triads, Yakuza, and Bahasa.

Chapter One: To Live and DieEdit

Notes on modern Western trends and how they have affected Asia in both positive and negative ways, as well as current issues the Kuei-jin deal with and how they attempt to turn them to their advantage. This is followed by the history and organizations of the Chinese Triads and the Japanese Yakuza, and how the Kuei-jin play into both.

Chapter Two: Streets of BloodEdit

Details on the rough and tumble areas and the people and supernaturals who inhabit them. Cities covered include Canton and Shanghai in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, and the Golden Court and Green Court. Finally, there are details on the Wicked City and Corporate Consulting.

Chapter Three: StorytellingEdit

How to create dark and gritty urban campaigns for Kindred of the East, including suggestions for themes and styles of play.

Appendix: Road Rules for the Dark MetropolisEdit

How various Abilities and Backgrounds can come in handy during a backstreet campaign, and notes on broken mirrors.

Background InformationEdit

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Bamboo Prince, Broken mirror, Corporate Consulting, Golden Court, Green Court, Wicked City

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