The Killer Fish is a Chimerical Monster on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Overview Edit

Killer Fish 01

The Killer Fish is one of three chimera that escaped from Prince Yrtalien's garden hunt and is out to do the thing it does best... hunt.

This fish is about the size of a medium-size dog with the personality of a rabid Doberman. It was summoned to amuse those who wanted to go fishing, but had an added twist: it doesn't need water to survive, and it can fly. The huge green-scaled body looks normal at first for an exotic fish: its fins are an array of iridescent colors, it moves lazily through the water... but when one looks closer, one sees other disturbing things. Its eyes are pure silver, lined with red. Its mouth contains two rows of razor-sharp teeth capable of biting through bone, and it has a smile capable of unnerving even the boldest troll.

It is a strict carnivore and requires large amounts of raw meat (chimerical meat, that is). Because of this fact, it strayed to the first area it could find where it could possibly blend in. In its mind it has only one mission: find food, preferably Kithain (though other chimera will do in a pinch). What better place to wait for an opportunity but at a restaurant like Reflections? It agreed to work with the other renegade chimera in the hope of providing amusement for their own sake, not for the sake of others. In reality, she has little to no loyalty to either Pug or the Gremlin (the other two chimera who escaped). She will eat them too if she gets hungry enough.

Powers Edit

  • Killer Fish 02
    Fin Buffet: She uses her flying ability to knock adversaries into the surrounding walls. It does 4 dice of damage with the possibility of knock out. If more successes are gained than the character's Stamina, they are knocked out.
  • Flight: She has the ability to fly at no Glamour cost.

References Edit

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