Kibatsumejutsu is a martial art developed by vampires to employ their natural weaponry to greatest effect.


You think the Sabbat know how to fight? They can only brawl. I will show you the true fighting skills of the Kindred, if you cross me.
Roughly translated as “the art of fighting with fang and claw”, this fighting style is surrounded by unknowns. None can say who developed it or even what generation he was. No one knows where it originated, for that matter. However, scholars who have looked into the matter estimate that it began in Europe during the 1500s; their arguments as to the creator range from a sixth generation Toreador to a seventh generation Gangrel to a Brujah of uncertain lineage. Vampires who practice Kibatsumejutsu often differ in their approach to the art. Some have adopted the “honorable” attitudes prevalent among certain of their human counterparts and refuse to use maneuvers that they consider dishonorable or demeaning (such as Hamstring). Others adopt a “whatever works” approach and consider the honor-bound fi ghters fools.


Obtaining instruction in this art is difficult for a vampire. Only vampires of the most dangerous sort are initiated, and these practitioners are extremely reluctant to pass on any of their knowledge. In most cases, the prospective student has to be willing to pledge himself to be the teacher’s servant and obey his every word before the teacher will agree to take him on. For this reason, few vampires study Kibatsumejutsu — such trust is not easily extended among the Cainites.


  • Punches: Sword Hand.
  • Grabs: Joint Break, Joint Lock, Neckbreaker.
  • Blocks: Weapon Block.
  • Evasions: Evasion.
  • Tooth & Claw: Hamstring, Leaping Rake, Neck Bite, Pounce, Ripping Bite.


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