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Khurshid, the wearer of the Sun Mask, was a Persian warlord of Sasanian Empire in life as well as death, making for a peculiar necromancer among his scholarly brethren. His abilities both on the battlefield and in courtroom diplomacy are renowned. He compelled the Clan of the Hidden to wage a century-long civil war for his personal, necromantic benefit. Khurshid was believed entombed in Kaymakli during the Feast of Folly, but a Harbinger of Skulls has appeared in modern nights claiming the ancient strategist's identity.[1]

V20 Timeline

In the twenty-tens, Khurshid, as a Harbinger of Skulls, attended a meeting between the members of the Clans of Death: Isabel Giovanni, the Cappadocian Angelique, and the Samedi Josette, along with Beckett and Hesha Ruhadze. Isabel called the meeting to propose a trade for the location of the True Vessel. Each party offered a price; Khurshid demanded the Pisanob. After the meeting violently ended when Angelique summoned a host of Spectres and left, Isabel was staked by the remaining attendees. All had promised her to Hesha as the Setites wanted the Giovanni for excessive investigations into their clan. After Ruhadze departed, Khurshid told Beckett that Isabel had secretly promised him the Pisanob for her rescue. Khurshid, representing the Harbingers of Skulls, looked forward to their vengeance on the family.[2]