The Khri-Habi are one of the six Dynasties of the Amenti, the Egyptian immortals most commonly known as mummies.


Those chosen by ba Tem-Akh were usually ruled by instinct, habit or dogma rather that conscious and critical reasoning. They often had underdeveloped morals and a weak sense of individual identity; the ba helps them find their own sense of direction without looking to others to provide it.

The new Amenti is able to slough off the force of habit and become proactive rather than reactive. As they re-examine their old assumptions and prejudices, they gain a general hunger for knowledge and intellectual challenge. Khri-habi are also deeply driven to help others, especially those who are stuck in ruts as they themselves once were.

Purpose and LiabilityEdit

Like all Amenti, the Khri-Habi have both a purpose, in whose service their can draw on the strength of their tem-akh, and a liability, which represents a weakness of their creation.


Bird or Spirit Self: Khri-Habi are natural healers. Each day they gain a dice pool equal to their Balance which can be used to heal themselves or others.


The mortal part of the Khri-habi has a lot of bad habits to overcome; even with the help of their tem-akh, they often experience a delayed reaction as they consciously overcome their follower mentality. In game terms they suffer a +2 difficulty on Perception and Wits rolls and a -2 to initiative.


Mummy: The Resurrection Dynasties


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