The Kher-minu, or "tomb-watchers," are one of the six Dynasties of the Amenti. They are dominated by their ka.

Overview Edit

The ka is the portion of the soul that watches over the body after death; it is marked by duty and loyalty, and a fixation on physical form. Many ka tem-akh endured thousand of years of watching impotently as grave robbers, religious fanatics and the simple ravages of time degraded the graves they were meant to guard. They typically drawn to self-destructive hosts, those who care little for their own well-being, or occasionally those who struggle with body-image issues. They rarely choose celebrities, but usually their hosts are both physically beautiful and have some noteworthy creative talent.

Kher-minu are freed from their self-destructive behavior, and in fact have such a strong self-preservation drive that they may appear cowardly. However, they are equally devoted to protecting others, both the living and the dead. They specialize in the Hekau of amulets, which is useful for imbuing clothing or jewelry with protective powers.

Abilities Edit

From its time as a tomb guardian, the tem-akh often picked up a bit of many different languages as different grave robbers, explorers and researchers traipsed in and out of their domain. Their strong sense of duty and long experience standing sentry also grants them particularly high Willipower.

The Defender: The ka can subtly affect the world around it to deflect or defend against injury. Attackers stumble, miss or get distracted as a critical moment, while the Kher-Minu is particularly sure-footed and agile. In game terms, a Kher-minu has a dice pool equal to their Balance that can be applied as a bonus to defensive actions.

Liability: Sometimes self-preservation gets the better of a Kher-minu, making it difficult for them to deliberately take a risky action - whether that risk as simple as drinking alcohol or as serious as standing and fighting against a powerful enemy. If a Kher-minu wishes to take an action with risk of injury, the Storyteller can require them to make a Willpower roll with the appropriate difficulty. If the roll fails, the Kher-minu cannot bring themselves to take the risk.

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