Keremet are one of the Adhene, essentially spirits of the dead brought into the Dreaming. Said to be snatched at their last moments of life, these formerly Enchanted humans are now ghosts of the Dreaming.


While most Denizens are born of the Dreaming and have never known the Autumn world, the Keremet have a tale more tragic. Enchanted beings, most commonly Dreamers or Kinain, they were taken to the Dreaming in their final moments of life. Stolen away from their rightful fate after death, they instead become wraith-like creatures that drift about without much drive or desire in their miserable, prolonged lives. Passionate people when alive, after reawakening, keremet find their emotions deadened nearly to the point of nonexistence. Many fixate on finding a way to experiences these feelings again. When this proves fruitless, most discover that despite having no real will to continue, they possess a supernatural will to survive, even without a reason to go on.


Many keremet clothe themselves in rags or simply wear whatever they have into shabbiness. Their voile is likewise torn and tattered, similar to clothes they wore in life.

  • Dioniae: Some find refuge in the emotions that are closer to the surface here, others find it a torturous experience. Dioniae keremet appear just as they did when they were alive, and their Frailties are eased (Pact burdens do not apply, and melancholia penalties are reduced by one).
  • Araminae: Though best equipped to deal with the struggles of everyday life, araminae keremet have a notably strange appearance. They may or may not be able to pass for a living human, but do have either an extremely gaunt or bloated appearance, with sunken eyes that gleam unnatural shades of yellow, green, or blue.
  • Apolliae: Truly corpse-like in this mindset, apolliae keremet are animated solely by whatever duty they have given themselves, and their Pact oaths are objects of obsession. Their eyes are sunken and oily black, and they give off the stench of the dead. With this unsettling appearance, the effects of melancholia increase.

Birthrights & FrailtiesEdit


  • The Shadowed Way: Keremet are exempt from the Silver Ban and can still walk trods. As creatures of death, they can sometimes find their way to the Underworld, where they may observe and interact with the dead.
  • Will to Power: Keremet are immune to all but the rarest chimerical diseases and have no need to eat or breathe. As long as she has three points of Willpower, a keremet is considered to have the Iron Will Merit (p. 180). A keremet may also reduce her wound penalties by one for every two unspent points in her Willpower pool (rounded up).


  • Pact of Dagda: A special oath unique to the keremet, the Pact of Dagda supersedes any other oaths, pacts, or promises the Denizen has sworn. A keremet must fulfill whatever she has promised in this way as wholly and quickly as possible. If she breaches this contract, the need to atone overpowers her Will to Power Endowment. Regular oaths do not carry this weight, but most Denizens know to ask for such a Pact.
  • Melancholia: Beyond mere sadness, keremet have difficulty experiencing any emotion. All Social rolls are made at +1 difficulty, and any Empathy rolls are made at +2 difficulty. Ravaging is the most viable way for keremet to gain Glamour, but a botch draws Glamour from the keremet to their target, driving the target into Rhapsody.


Changeling: The Dreaming Adhene

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