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The Kerasi are a Mockery Breed of were-rhinos designed by Pentex to be used as shock troops in Africa, and to create mayhem in the conflict between the Ahadi and the Endless Storm.


The Kerasi are one of the youngest Breeds, the first having been active only a short period of time after the fall of Black Tooth. Neuro-Dynamic Laboratories focuses on improving the Kerasi design, hoping to create the first stable Mockery Breed within them, much to the displeasure of other Mockeries like the Yeren.

Pentex directs the herds of Kerasi to wreak havoc in the African wilderness. Most of these involve attacks against human communities, as well as raids against the holds of the African Fera, which are then secured by First Teams. The Kerasi have begun to breed without supervision and experience an independence they never had in the laboratories. Some start to wonder why they take orders from Pentex. Their thoughts turn slowly, but each new day may be the one when the Kerasi rebel from their corporate masters and choose their own destiny.


Kerasi heal at the same rate as Garou, but do not share their vulnerability to silver.

While all Kerasi have only a minimal connection to the Umbra, this actually aids them to conceal their Wyrmish origin.

Since the Kerasi have only an animal counterpart, many of the higher brain activities are quite new for them. As such, the average Kerasi is short-tempered and brutish, but not without animalistic cunning. They retain more information than they let anyone outside their herds suspect.


Kerasi have two breeds: metis and faru (the rhinoceros form). The Kerasi are fertile with both the white and black rhinoceroses, linking the two distinct species in a decidedly unnatural way. These pairings will also result in pregnancy more often, putting the rhino population even more in jeopardy.


The Kerasi have three forms.

  • Bandia, corresponding to Glabro. Kerasi in Bandia form possess a vaguely human shape, but can be differentiated from a true human by their bulky, oversized heads; rough, light-grey skin that barely hides their muscles; tiny eyes, and a large, bumpy nose with a distinctive proto-horn protruding from it. This form induces full Delirium.
  • Kiforu, corresponding to Crinos. Kerasi in the Kiforu form are bipedal monstrosities with thick hides, a giant rhinoceros head, two massive snout-horns in the colour of dried blood and clawed four-fingered hands. This form induces full Delirium.
  • Faru, the rhino form: Kerasi in Faru can be distinguished from normal rhinos by the subtle crimson tint of their horn.

Gifts and Rituals

The Kerasi cannot learn Gifts or step sideways. However, they possess Fomor-like abilities to sense the energies of the Wyld and Gaia, as well as the occurrence of other supernatural creatures.


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