The Keepers of the Rose are a group within House Leanhaun that protects the house's most important treasures while seeking out new Glamourous things.



Taken mostly from the Leanhaun Ritualists, the Keepers are tasked with protecting the greatest treasures of the House; among them the Rose of Leanhaun, the Crown of Dreams, and Edann's Harp. The actual holders of these items are members of the Keepers and form a triune of leadership in the society, even if one of them is only a mere mortal. Most members travel far and wide to find and acquire other treasures, chimerical objects, and chimerical beasts to add to the treasure troves of the House. Some of these may be traded for information, favors, or services the Keepers provide in exchange for them. They often bargain directly with chimerical creatures to convince them to join their cause. A few resort to theft or kidnapping. Even more rarely Keepers help to create such things, usually with the help of Nockers bound to the house.

Some of these items are kept for the time when the House may find itself at war with other fae, especially on the eve of Endless Winter. Others are hoarded in various safe locations for when Glamour is scarce and a single such object will have immense value. The group believes their actions are justified as they plan for the future and the survival of all the fae by husbanding resources. What is a single illegal act now compared to the needs that will come during the dark days of Endless Winter?



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