The Keeper of the Land has the responsibility of maintaining the physical appearance and spiritual health of the caern and its surrounding bawn. While some Garou consider this position nothing more than that of a glorified gardener or groundskeeper, the Keeper of the Land actually plays a crucial role in the vitality and strength of a caern. Spirits find an attractive and well-kept caern a more congenial environment than one that shows little concern for upkeep. Therefore, Keepers of the Land must be conversant with the local spirits and must keep their desires in mind as well as the needs of the caern environment. A caern's bawn usually doesn't look "kept" at all, at least not in the same way that sculptured office park does. In small caerns, this position may fall to a relatively low-ranking Garou or may be shared by all the members of a sept on a rotating basis. In a large caern, with a sizable bawn, the position of Keeper of the Land assumes major importance. Larger caerns mean not only more territory for a Keeper to cover but also a greater number of spirits to keep happy. Keepers in powerful caerns must have good skills in negotiating with spirits as well as a vast knowledge of how to care for the lands associated with the caern.

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