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Kaymakli ("Monastery of the All-Savior" in Armenian), also known as Enegup (in Cappadocian Greek), was an underground city located near the Cappadocian motherhouse of Erciyes. Cappadocius used Kaymakli and its sister city, Derinkuyu, as headquarters for the clan, conducting a variety of experiments and studies in the city.


The city was a hybrid community of Cappadocians and mortals; the mortals provided all the amenities and served as a herd for the undead scholars in their ranks. While hardly ideal, the arrangement seemed to be moderately satisfactory for both parties, possibly tempered both by the generally unpleasant conditions of a 9th century Turkish peasant and the generally passive and somewhat more humane attitudes of Cappadocius.

When the clan was purged during the Feast of Folly, the city became a tomb for thousands of unfortunate Cappadocians. After that, the clan moved most of its activity back to Erciyes.

Gehenna: The Final Night

In the novel Gehenna: The Final Night, Kaymakli plays a minor role for the protagonist, Beckett. Four years previous, Beckett and his two Nosferatu allies, Okulos and his childe Korenna, go on an expedition to find the Cappadocian cave. When they find it, Okulos loses his childe to the barrier that seals the cave, and he himself is trapped on the inside.

In the present, Beckett breaks the barrier in a rescue attempt and finds Okulos inside, long since succumbed to the Beast. After incapacitating him, he discovers another vampire within Kaymakli, Kapaneus, who has lived in solitude there for the last several hundreds years.


For the real life underground city, see Kaymakli.