Kataragama is the legendary Bodhisattva that founded the Dharma of the Flame of the Rising Phoenix. He returned from Yomi when the Yama King Ravana hold sway over Sri Lanka  and India from his fortress on Ceylon and his raksha servants terrorized mortals and Kuei-jin alike. Kataragama, after being instructed in the ways of his brethren, chose not to adhere to the Fivefolded Way laid down by Xue, but instead returned to his family and continued to care and protect them. He rallied the local Beast Courts and several other shen, alongside other Kuei-jin who followed his example, and eventually banished Ravana and his fortress back into Yomi, restoring the natural balance on the island again.

It is said that Kataragama eventually achieved transcendence through the simple act of living. Today, the village where he lived with his family is named in his honor.

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