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Katanka-Sonnak, the Wind Rider, is the Planetary Incarna of the Sun in Garou Astrology.

Overview Edit

Just as Eshtarra and Sokhta are merely aspects of Gaia and Luna respectively, Katanka is but an aspect of Helios, representing only the Sun of Earth, rather than all suns. Also known as Hyperion by Mages, he commands the solar winds, and emphasizes the energy or renewal and rebirth, which is seen in those born under him as boundless vigor in both combat and dramatic mannerisms. Much like fire, however, he is known for his temper and gluttonous appetite.

The Wind Raider blames the Garou for the harm done to his children during the War of Rage, and some say he believes the Garou have helped bring the Apocalypse. Among the Garou, only the Children of Gaia and the Wendigo truly hold his favor.

His color is yellow, and corresponds with the zodiac sign of Leo. He has many forms and many names. One of his forms is the Aetherial sun, but he may also appear as a human warrior clad in bright armor, a golden eagle, a huge raven, or a diamond-bright crocodile.

Other Names: Helios (Black Furies), Merodach (Children of Gaia), Lugh (Fianna), Freyr (Get of Fenris), Sol (Glass Walkers), Dazhbog (Shadow Lords), Ra (Silent Striders), Mir-Susne-Khum (Silver Fangs), Pautiwa (Uktena), Katanka-Sonnak (Wendigo), Hyperion (Mages).

As TotemEdit

Just as Luna's face of Sokhta/Phoebe will sometimes act as a pack totem, so does Helios' Incarna of Katanka-Sonnak. He does so very rarely, and only when thoroughly impressed with a pack's mettle and foresight. Mokolé and Corax, the other children of Helios, respect Hyperion's children and will cooperate with them as necessary.

Traits & BanEdit

  • Background Cost: 10


Each one of Hyperion's children receives the Gift: Kiss of Helios. The pack may also call on an additional five Willpower points per story.


Children of Hyperion/Katanka-Sonnak must protect the other shapeshifters left on earth, particularly the Mokolé and Corax.


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