Queen Karolinda is a Seelie Sidhe Childling of House Liam, ruler of the Kingdom of Mist in Albion.

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Born to a Kinain New Age shop owner and a professional violinist, Caroline (as her parents know her) has always been a precocious child. Though her parents have chosen to teach her at home, she attends ballet classes twice a week in Bath, where the instructor says she shows promise of growing into a prima ballerina who could take the London dance scene by storm.

Karolinda is known throughout the courts of Albion for her love of mortals. Members of House Liam are often disdained by the other noble houses elsewhere, but Karolinda's charm and grace have earned her the respect and allegiance of all in her kingdom, commoner and noble alike.

She rules the Kingdom of Mist from Beltaine to Samhain, and has thereby earned the title of Summer Queen from her subjects. She cares a great deal about her consort, Morwyd, and like most fae in the kingdom, Karolinda understands the necessity of finding a balance between Seelie and Unseelie. She is perplexed by tales she hears of the Shadow Court, and can scarcely believe that it can be as bad as the stories say.

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Karolinda, with her white-gold hair and downcast eyes the color of the Irish sea before a storm, has reminded more than one awestruck onlooker of a storybook fairy princess. Her bearing is distinctly royal, with a grace and poise remarkable even for one of the sidhe. In her fae mien, Karolinda wears her hair swept back beneath a golden circlet engraved with an ivy pattern. Her tastes run toward pastel silk gowns, which accentuate her already angelic quality.

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Politeness is the true mark of breeding, or so her Mama always tells her. To that end, she is meticulously polite, though she also knows that making people feel at ease is important. That's something she's still working on. She tries to get to know people for who they are, regardless of whether they are Kithain or not.

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