Brother Kanker they call me... high lord in the diseased halls of the dead. Look around you! The blood, the bloated bodies, the maggot-ridden mortal shels... these are the signs, the coming of a new age. The doors have been opened! The seals broken! And the final steps into the abyss... the terrible mysteries of the Ninth Circle...
  — Brother Kanker

Brother Kanker is a character in VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines . He is a Nosferatu vampire of the Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle, of Los Angeles, who spread disease mainly through the homeless. He is a sadistic and merciless individual, uncaring about human life. Kanker is a butcher and a madman. He is extremely loyal to the Brotherhood as he tries to recruit the protagonist, who eventually destroyed him in 2004.[1] It is known that he Embraced G. Pangbourne around 1750.[2]



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