Kamapua'a's Get are a type of Chimerical creature of the Hawaiian islands.

Overview Edit

Immortal Eyes 2
These monsters are magical boars said to be created from the dreams of traditional Hawaiian boar hunters. A Pig Get is the ideal incarnation of a perfect pig: fierce and ravaging and large enough to feed an entire village in one lu'au. They can be found snuffling around the deep woods of the islands (especially Hawaii and Maui) a little before and after pig hunts.

They are larger than the average pig and are perfectly formed. It is said by the menehune that when killed and eaten, Kamapua'a's Get provide the diners with prophetic visions concerning the local environment and its fate.

Powers Edit

  • Prophecy: Anyone eating the roasted flesh of a properly slain Pig Get (to improperly slay one is a taboo and may summon Kapu'akua) may receive a vision of nature's fate. The eater rolls Glamour (difficulty 9). If successful, hazy dreams of likely occurrences will appear to them, such as the razing of a grove by developers, the erupting of a volcano, the lack of fish in the coming seasons, etc...

References Edit

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