Name: Kallisti
Plural: Kallisti
Pronounciation: kal-ISS-tee
Nicknames: Ravagers
Parent Clan: Daeva
Disciplines: Celerity, Dominate, Majesty, Perfidy

In Vampire: The Requiem, the Kallisti are a bloodline of the Daeva clan, whose members are usually very beautiful and masters of destroying the social fabric.

In Greek Mythology, a banquet was held for the Gods. Left off the guest list was Eris, the goddess of discord. She threw in a golden apple, inscribed "Kallisti" - "To the Fairest One". Three Goddesses argued over the apple which, according to myth, sparked the Trojan War. The name is perfectly applicable to this bloodline.

Their signature Discipline is Perfidy, which they use to turn friends into enemies and to dig secrets from their acquaintances. In addition to their Daeva weakness, the Kallisti's blood is unable to bond others to them - this makes their identities a well-kept secret, as a captured Kallisti would be a prize asset to a hungry Elder.

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