Kalana Tomas is an Eshu Travel Guide writer.

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Kalana decided early in life that she needed a better way to spread her tales. Like most elegbara she wandered a good deal and became quite knowledgable about languages, cultures, and customs and much of it was interesting without the usual elaborations on the truth. How could she share this knowledge with the most people?

Then one day she saw a TV show about tourism and she had the answer. She now writes travel guides with the fae reader in mind, and tells of all the hidden wonders and special places. Few mortals can see the guides because they are written and published chimerically by a Nocker publishing firm and all of the finest kithain booksellers keep them in stock, which isn't easy because of their enormous popularity.

Kalana tends to write in marvelous detail about the things mundane travel guides ignore: Glamour, mortal inspiration, and trods, though she does include plenty of information on good food, drink, and music. Her locker friends are trying to get her to make a webpage accessible only by kithain and she is seriously considering it. People looking for a neat place to visit, sights to see, and places to stay should definitely consult her. She may also have useful information about history associated with a particular point of interest.

References Edit

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