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Kakuri, also known as the Night Realm or Shikome Hell, is one of the Yin-aspected Thousand Hells. It is is the domain of Emma-O, a former guardian of the indigenous Ainu turned Yama King.


In Kakuri, there is no light or warmth. The realm is mostly wasteland, and the souls captive here are constantly flayed by a frozen wind full of jagged ice shards. Fire does not last, only turning blue and sputtering out in the wind.

Even in places that are sheltered from the ceaseless cold, the energies of Kakuri sap at the will of all inside it. Beginning as a feeling of general listlessness, even the most willful eventually give into feelings of hopelessness and surrender to the ice.


Kakuri is like a twisted reflection of northern Japan. The ground is rocky and obsidian black, rising in jutting mountains and the very, very rare hot spring. Occasionally, visitors can see the shapes of entrapped souls in larger crystals and land formations - they are now a part of the realm, and any attempt to free them will only rebound on the would-be rescuer.