Garou glyph for air/wind.


Rage card depicting a Kalindo move.

Kailindo is a shapeshifting martial art developed by the Stargazers. It is associated with wind spirits, and many of the maneuvers are named after types of wind or storms. Practitioners of this art are called kailindorani.

While Kailindo incorporates many different types of moves from many different human styles, its most notable moves are the ones that involve shapeshifting. This requires the kailindorani to have exceptional control over his Rage to be able to shapeshift in the middle of a maneuver. He might shift to a smaller form to avoid a blow or keep an opponent off balance. He might shift to a larger form to add extra force to a blow, or use to absorb the force of a blow he can't avoid.

Few Garou outsider the Stargazers know Kailindo. The Wendigo are the most likely of the other tribes to have studied it, as their totem is associated with wind.

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