Kahina is a powerful Setite Sorceress and one of the two heads of the Dream Court.

Unbeknownst to many, Kahina's true form is repugnant, appearing pestilent and desiccated at the same time. She uses Obfuscate to hide this from other Cainites.


Little is known about her past, but Kahina appeared during one of Cairo's most severe cases of plague. She became one of the founders of the Dream Court, concerning herself with the well-being of the Sleeping Lord and the inner structures of the court. She discovered the mechanisms behind the Rite of the Sun King laid down by Hatshepsut that amplified True Faith in any form and directed it against the sleeping methuselah. This resulted in her campaign to erode the faith of Cairo's inhabitants by any means necessary. Further, she enticed the help of a Tremere in exchange for magical secrets to break the powers of the rite, until Hatshepsut herself was shattered during the Sixth Maelstrom in 1999 and the rite ended. Under the guidance of the sleeping elder, she has learned of Afifa, the pregnant Thin-blood woman and tried to secure her for the revival of the Sleeping Lord. She has also made alliances with the True Brujah that remained near the city and the local Tremere chantry through the Regent in order to find the Caitiff and secure her child for the means of the Court.

In the opening fiction of Gehenna, Kahina approaches Dr. Douglas Netchurch, who had traveled to Cairo to witness the birth of Afifa's child. Knowing that she could not penetrate the Holy Ground of the Abu Serga Mosque where Afifa was hidden, she instead tried to persuade Netchurch by revealing the truth of her plans to him. She appealed to the scientist within him, promising that he would have the opportunity to study the growth of the child, which would be a union of Thin-blood and methuselah. Her arguments convinced Netchurch to cooperate and led to the rebirth of the Sleeping Lord. Kahina seemed to be shaken by the realization that the being in the body of the child may, in fact, be something much older and powerful than her sire.



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