Although their potential is more in line with judgment and stealth, some Assamites are willing to go to any length to fulfill their purposes. Those Assamites of the warrior or assassin caste have been known to use this ritual to steel themselves before any situation in which they might find themselves exposed to overt combat. Through this rite, the Assamite harnesses his Beast and turns it upon his doomed foe.

Among conservative Assamites, this ritual is scorned because it allows the Kindred to grow too close to his Beast.

System Edit

The player makes the roll to activate this ritual and the character partakes of kalif smoke or blood. If the Assamite enters frenzy as a result of combat, he does not need to roll to see if he can keep it in check; this ritual allows him to "ride the wave" of the frenzy automatically, as described under the Instinct Virtue. Such is the case even if the Assamite does not have the Instinct Virtue. This works for only the first combat that incites frenzy after the Assamite performs the ritual. If the Assamite fails to enter a combat frenzy before the end of the night, the ritual expires with the sunrise.[1]

References Edit

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