For the article on the card game, see Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. For the original card set by that name, see Jyhad (card set).

The Jyhad is the "eternal struggle" for dominance between Methuselahs (ancient Kindred, possibly including the Inconnu) and the surviving Antediluvians. It is a subtle conflict which is fought in the everynight interactions of younger vampires, most of whom are entirely unaware they are being controlled and used as pawns.

The motives and goals behind the Jyhad are as unknowable as its players, though it seems likely that it involves Gehenna. A leading theory suggests that the Methuselahs fear the awakening of the Antediluvians (or that the Antediluvians fear the return of Caine), and so seek to gain power, cannon fodder or perhaps just a guaranteed source of sustenance by influencing the Kindred population.

The Camarilla officially denies the reality of the Jyhad, as they do the existence of the Antediluvians. The Sabbat, on the other hand, exists largely to fight against the Jyhad and its players, especially the Antediluvians.

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