Not to be confused with Julio Achilli
Name: Justin R. Achilli
Gender: Male
Born: October 5, ?

Justin R. Achilli is an author and developer for White Wolf, Inc.

In addition to his work at White Wolf, Justin is responsible for the creation of many cardboard games, Grontar: The Frutang being the most well-known of these. Justin occasionally contributes under the pseudonym Nancy Amboy. He also bears the dubious honour of being parodied within White Wolf books three times: once as Revenant: The Ravishing developer Jason O'Kelly, once as the Succubus Club's DJ dotcom, and once in the Aberrant setting as an unnamed RPG developer renowned for his attitude who moonlighted as a deejay until beaten to death by a nova that he dissed on an online forum.

Justin's official contributions for White Wolf include the following:

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