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Justin J. Laragione is the Director in charge of Project Utopia throughout the Nova Age.


Born in 1970 in Los Angeles the only child in a single parent home, Laragione quickly rose to success. By the age of 24, he had already been a junior ambassador to the United Nations, and was appointed Assistant Secretary of State by Bill Clinton.

Shortly after the appearance of novas in 1998, Laragione was appointed as Director of the recently-created Project Utopia (inheriting it from Margaret A. Mercer).

Director Laragione is aware of all aspects of Project Utopia. From the deaths of Team Tomorrow members Hiram "Slag" Goldberg and Jennifer "Slider" Landers to the actions of Director Thetis and Project Proteus (although he often disagrees with her methods).

Justin J. Laragione is a baseline.